Pan Drop Action

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Pan Drop Action

Post by Woifbert on Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:04 pm

Dear all

We expect that there will be a pan drop with the start of 2018 - our move to the east is the #1 priority! at the following Picture you see the pans we wanna occupie - when you are online the time the pans drop, try to get those pans from Xerxes asap! also post a message in chat how long it will take - maybe others are faster (it doesnt matter if more coal member send an attack, you wont kill each others units) + also reinf. the pan so no other coal takes em from us! Big Rewards for those who take the Pans from Xerxes and help secure our territory! 30k ORICH for each Pan!

Pan A and B in the picture are the ones we are going case plarium drops two lines, also Pantheon C

Keep your eyes open'!


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