Galley Trick - get 100k ress from one target!!

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Galley Trick - get 100k ress from one target!!

Post by Woifbert on Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:40 am

This to me seems like an exploit, but Plarium has known about it from a long time now, and many players have been using it with without issue.

As most of you know you can only raid 50k res from a single target within a 7 day period. Players have discovered a way to overcome this cap and raid more than 50k in a seven day period.

The total res you can raid from a player within seven days is equal to 50k + sent res up to an additional 50k. You have 28 seconds to cancel any galleys you send. So simply send your target res before your raid hits, and cancel your galley after it hits.

Here is how to do it:
-Send raid. (Must be able to carry the amount of res you are trying to get.)
-10 seconds before raid hits, send up to 50k res.
-After raid hits, cancel galleys.


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